About Us

Aileen McDermott has resided in Bay Harbor Islands for the past five years. When she first moved to the Islands, her career involved outside sales for the Automotive industry. She quickly fell in love with Bay Harbor Islands and considered a career in real estate, especially as the market began to heat up. It wasn’t until her husband became a real estate investor when she made the career switch in 2012.

In 2014 she decided to pick a target area to specialize her career on. Where did she pick? It was a no brainer, Bay Harbor Islands of course! Aileen has spent countless hours researching, reading, and analyzing all different types of information pertaining to these beautiful Islands. She has become a local expert residents can rely on for all types of helpful knowledge.

In 2016, after working as a Realtor associate for 4 years Aileen decided to pursue getting her Broker’s license and open her own local branch.